Construction at The Artisan is now complete.
$20K Low Deposit Offer on all 2 bedroom apartments.
$10K Rebate available on all 3 bedroom apartments.


1. Hawker St Café 2. Jarmers 3. Loose Caboose 4. Central Market 5. Market Shed on Holland 6. Bonython Park 7. Gibson St Reserve 8. Kevin Taylor Park 9. Kings Reserve (5mins drive) 10. Henley Beach (20min drive) 11. Glenelg (25min drive) 12. Botanical Gardens 13. Adelaide University 14. St Dominics Priory College 15. Calvary North Adelaide Hospital 16. New Royal Adelaide Hospital 17. Women & Childrens Hospital 18. Adelaide Oval 19. North Adelaide Golf Club 20. Bowden Community Garden 21. Adelaide Aquatic centre 22. Cirkidz 23. Adelaide Entertainment Centre 24. Coopers Stadium 25. Thebarton Theatre (10min drive) 26. The Gov 27. Jamfactory The Artisan
1. UniSA Campus


The Artisan sits aside Kevin Taylor Park, a tree-lined public space between 5th and 6th street.

You'll have a ring-side seat to the best of Bowden, with Plant 4 and the IGA only a minute's walk away. Catch a train, and you’re in the city in 7 minutes, with the new Adelaide Oval, University campuses, eat streets, art, cinema, café’s, and the best of shopping. And if you’d like to escape for a mini-break, the airport is only 8kms from your front door.

Head West from Bowden, and you’ll meet the shoreline of our stunning coast, and all the atmosphere of relaxed beachside activities. Take a car to any one of our world class destinations – wine country is never further than an hour away to the North, East, and South, and no matter where you go – metro or regional – you’ll find a food artisan. We are all about the best locally produced food and fine wine. Eat out, or bring it home to prepare yourself.

The Apartments

The design of The Artisan draws on the aesthetic of industrial materials, performed in an up-market and contemporary composition.The apartments feature a range of internal materials and finishes with a strong focus on texture, light, and constructability.

''What I love about Bowden is the sense of community''

- Jono Kaitatsis, Owner, Bowden Plant 4 & IGA


The industrial revolution changed the face of our world, and Bowden was created in 1839 under its influence. 

The production of household goods was taken out of private homes and away from individual crafting, and into the commercial domain of machinery and mass production. Bowden’s first settlers had a vision for their new community – to contribute to the fabric of the State by mass creating the goods and chattels of a modern life. By 1900, the village hosted a Candle Works, Steam Flour Mill, Clay and Brickworks, Gas Works, Tannery and Boot Factory, Bottle Company and Glass Works, and Clipsal Industries. The factories, some of which still stand today, were stark, pragmatic and distinctive - punching geometrically into the skyline.


From the old bones of Bowden springs a suburb reborn.

The site of the original Gasworks and Clipsal Industries is now home to a vibrant and growing community with a new spirit – connected by the rich character and personality of its colourful history, and the drive to live creatively. Bowden has left behind its industrial past to find a new artisanal sensibility re-emerging in its wake – a return to the crafters, designers, artisans, re-cyclers, up-cyclers and hand-makers of pre-industry.

The Team

Hindmarsh offers the highest standards of operation for a wide range of clients throughout Australia, with a proven track record of over $4.0 billion worth of completed projects. The Artisan is Hindmarsh's second building in Bowden, after the successful completion of The Bowery.
We are a collaborative Architecture and Design studio with offices in Adelaide and Melbourne. Since 1989 we have translated the wants and needs of people into spaces and structures that benefit us all. The Artisan is Tectvs' second project in Bowden.

'In some ways we're reflecting on the past of Bowden through the building - so things well done, well thought out, inventive, clever. Simple, but beautiful. '

- Francesco Bonato, Director, Tectvs Architects

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'We’re really excited to officially launch The Artisan and build another high quality apartment project in Bowden, which continues to shape as a fantastic place to live on the fringe of the Adelaide CBD.'

- Morry Canala, Development Manager, Hindmarsh

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